Metal Roof Snow Guards

With the dramatic Indiana winters, having a snow guard on your metal roofs is a must to prevent gutter damage or avoid suffering a personal injury from falling snow. Indiana Metal can custom-make different types of retention that can be screwed down or attached without penetrating the roof. When looking for a new metal roof or adding a snow guard to your existing roof, Indiana Metal is the premier provider for metal roofing materials and trim. Give us a call today for a quote on all the materials you need. 

Snow Guards

What are Snow Guards?

Living in Indiana, whether you hate or love the snow, you have come to accept it as an inevitable aspect of the winter months. That is why, if your home has a metal roof, you should consider adding snow guards to it. A snow guard is a device placed on metal rooftops to help snowmelt and drift down the roof in smaller amounts. By placing a snow guard, you avoid the danger of spontaneous snow avalanches off your roof. When this happens, ice and snow are released suddenly, and this can cause damage to the lower area of your roof, the gutters, any skylights, and objects, and people that happen to be at that moment below your roof.


Are metal roof snow guards essential?

If you live in an area like Indiana, where snowfall is a given, a snow guard for a metal roof is highly recommended. You have probably seen this yourself through the deepest winter months: ice dams form, and snow accumulates on the roof. You do not want these factors to result in a cave-in of your metal roof.

This is where snow guards play such an important role. They are designed to keep both your roof and anything that may be below it in one piece. This means that if you have witnessed snow or ice sliding off your roof with the resulting damage to your property, you should not go through another winter season without a snow guard for a metal roof.

What makes Indiana Metal snow guards so unique?

Our long involvement with the roofing industry has led us to offer products that are professionally engineered and designed based on direct knowledge accumulated over years of experience. We collect information from third-party testing facilities, observations in our facilities, and feedback from renowned roofing experts.

We have developed a proven fastening method whose only purpose is to maintain and preserve the integrity of any roof where our products are used. We offer a complete line of snow guards in a wide variety of colors and powder coating options, designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We also provide a full range of solutions for any custom project. We are proud of the entire line of snow guard products in our line and are standing by to give you the quote as soon as you need it to get your project off the ground.

How long should metal roof snow guards last?

Metal roof snow guards should offer you the same life expectancy and durability as your roof. That is why Indiana Metal does not use plastic polycarbonates for snow guards since we believe that they do not measure up to the requirements of harsh outdoor exposure. Instead, we use non-corrosive metals such as steel, anodized aluminum, or brass alloys for the most durable snow guards for metal roofs. 

Will the snow guards match any roof?

You must get a seamless look with the snow guards for metal roofs. That is why we color-match to any roofing material, looking to simulate the exact characteristics of the roof. Also, we recommend always attaching snow guards to the roof and not gluing them on.

Where are snow guards placed?

At Indiana Metal, we know that snow tends to accumulate on a roof with a greater concentration near the valleys and eaves due to how the wind moves. Therefore, when we design the snow guards for your metal roof, we rely on the compressive strength of a bank of snow to resist its downward move. Snow guards should go on the lower half of the roof’s plane. 

What is the primary purpose of having metal roof snow guards?

Ice guards for metal roofing have a single primary objective: to hold and retain snow and ice on the roof while allowing for the controlled evacuation of the snow. Risking large quantities of snow coming down from a roof is something that metal roofs experience more frequently than other types of roofing simply because a wet metal roof will be a much sleeker surface than asphalt or different types of roofing shingles. So whenever you are looking for anything related to snow guards for metal roofs, give Indiana Metal a call.