Metal Roofing Panels

Indiana Metal has been supplying contractors and homeowners with quality metal roofing and post-frame building kits for all of Indiana. Metal roofing has become the preferred choice for many homeowners, but some may still be skeptical of all its advantages.

Let us give you a quote for all the materials necessary for your next metal roof construction project in Bainbridge or throughout Indiana. We specialize in providing various gauges and colors of metal coils, and we can manufacture long-length trim and roll from 4 different metal panel profiles. 

Our goal is to be more than just suppliers, but a valuable member of the Indiana metal roofing community building strong relationships with our clients. We strive to display that through our customer service, and if you’re having trouble finding the right contractor, we could recommend installation crews to help with all your metal roofing needs.  

Metal Roofing Panels

Metal Roofing Components

To take full advantage of your metal roof, find the perfect supplier, and see how it works, you’ll want to be familiar with some of the components, common accessories, and other important roofing necessities we can provide.

Metal Coils

Metal coils are long metal rolls coated and treated with paint. All metal roofing installations begin with coil or sheet metal, which is rolled out, cut, and roll-formed into a panel to be installed.

Roofing Panels

Panels are the roll-formed pieces of a metal coil that have been shaped and are ready to be seamed together to form a roof. These roofing panels are pivotal for the stability of your roofing system. Speak with the roofing panel professionals at Indiana Metal and read more below about the metal roofing panels we offer. 

Roof Seam

The crease where two metal panels are joined together is called the seam. Seams are formed using a roll former and can snap in place, or they are mechanically seamed together.

Roofing Profile

The shape that your metal panels are formed into is a part of its profile. The profiles determine how your panels fit together. Speak with metal roofing professionals about finding the best roofing profile for your home. 

Indiana Metal Roof Panel Supplier

At Indiana Metal, we provide quality roof panels throughout central Indiana. We serve the entire state of Indiana and its surrounding areas and have been supplying homeowners, contractors, and roof installers with pristine, environmentally-friendly roofing materials. Check out some of the metal roof panel options we provide: 

Panel MP150

The MP150 is a snapped seam roof panel with 1 ½” tall ribs and is ideal for complicated roofing planes. The MP150 has a taller seam than the MP100, and its design makes it easier to install because panels can be installed in two directions around a center panel.  This can also help reduce waste on your roof build.

Indiana Metal has the MP150 available to roll on-site or can be picked up at our warehouse. 

The MP150 is great for sloping roofs, and the metal is premium-grade steel in 24 or 26 gauge. 

This roofing panel could be protected under a paint warranty for up to 40 years and is available in 30 colors, making the MP-150 perfect for both residential and commercial purposes.  

Panel MP210

The MP210 is a mechanically seamed roof panel. The MP210 roofing panel comes smooth or striated and can span purlins up to five feet. The MP210 is made of premium-grade steel in 22, 24, or 26 gauge. We are more than willing to roll on-site, or you can pick up your materials with us. These roof panels could be warranted up to 40 years like all of our other materials, available in more than 30 colors, and the panel profile is UL tested and approved for UL 580 class 90 Uplift Resistance.

Panel MP675

The MP675 is a snapped seam roof panel making it ideal for contractors trying to work as efficiently as possible. These roofs can be used on slopes down to 2:12 and are made of premium-grade steel with 1 ⅝” tall ribs. Speak with your roofing panel supplier at Indiana Metal today and secure your money-saving metal roofing panels.

Panel MP36

The MP36 is a 36-inch wide panel with ribs nine inches in the center with ¾ inch tall ribs.

The MP36 is ideal for roofs sloped down to 3:12. The MP36 roof panel is constructed of premium grade 29 gauge steel. These roofs can be customized in color to match your Indiana home. Call us today to discuss your roofing panel options and what may be best for you. 

Indiana Metal Roof Panels For Sale

At Indiana Metal, we are here to meet your metal roofing supply needs. We are located in the heart of Indiana, and we provide premium metal roofing materials and trim. We manufacture our metal panels and trim to custom specs and stock general metal roofing materials. If you’re looking for metal trim or roofing panels customized for your project, let us give you a quote.

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