Great choice for: Post frame construction, residential or commercial siding, roofs with no decking, budget friends or DIY projects

MP36 screw down ag panel roof systems offers a variety of benefits making it an excellent choice for those looking to install a new roof. The installation process is easy and can often be completed in less time than it would take to install other roofing systems, making it a more economical option as well. This system also offers longevity and durability; with proper care, these roofs can last up to seven decades depending on the environment they’re exposed to. To top it off, the price points are very economically friendly, allowing most people to purchase an ag panel roof without breaking the bank. Additionally, Sherwin Williams Coil Coating provides a 40-year paint warranty for their products which further ensures that you get your money’s worth out of your investment.

Technical Info

Coming Soon!

Available Colors

MP36 panels are standard 29 ga panels but can be thicker. Check out our stock color options here.

Standard Trims

Find the MP36 standard trim profiles here.

Fast Facts
  • 3/4″ rib height
  • Panel is 36″ in coverage
  • Good choice for slopes down to 3:12
  • 40 year paint warranty on stock colors
  • Can be manufactured with or without DR!PSTOP
  • Can be installed over purlins