Roll Formers: Rentals & Chop + Drops

Rent the machine or schedule a chop + drop – the choice is yours. Gone are the days of crazy frieght and damaged-in-transit standing seam panels!

On-site roll forming benefits both the roofer and the customer. It allows for a more efficient installation process, with faster turnaround times and less waste. The metal panels are formed on-site, which eliminates the need to install pre-formed panels that may not fit or match up correctly. This also reduces the amount of labor needed to complete the project, which can save time and money. The roofer can also customize the roll forming to match existing structures on the job site, making sure the panels look great when finished. Finally, there is less risk of damage during shipping since the panels are formed right at the job site instead of being transported in bulky crates or boxes. All in all, on-site roll forming can be a great way to save time and money while ensuring a successful roofing project.

Indiana Metal offers contractors two options when it comes to on-site roll forming: Chop & Drop Service or Roll Former Rentals. Both options are great depending on the lead time, project accessibility, and project size.

Roll Former Rentals

Indiana Metal offers a fleet of on-site, portable roll formers that can be rented exclusively to contractors who purchase complete roofing packages. Get all the benefits of rolling on-site with none of the upfront investment or ongoing maintenance headaches. We’ll deliver the roll former straight to your job site, loaded with the coil, trim, and all the accessories needed for the job. Roll your panels off in one day or as you go – the choice is yours. Additionally, if you purchase stock colors of coil we will take back any unused coil from the job. Order a few extra squares on a cut-up project, have some cushion in your material usage, and get a credit back for the unused coil; what’s stopping you from taking advantage of all the benefits of rolling panels on-site?

Q: I'm a homeowner, can I rent a roll former?
A: Unfortunately, no. Our rentals and coil return program are contractor exclusive programs. We would love to deliver pre-formed panels to homeowners for their projects, though!
Q: What is the lead time for a rental?
A: It really depends on availability and coil selection but please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your desired start date to get on our rental schedule.
Q: I'm a contractor, can I just rent a roll former from you without purchasing my metal through you?
A: Unfortunately we only offer rentals with complete metal roof packages. We’d love to give you an estimate for the whole project!
Q: How long do I get to keep the rental?
A: It’s really up to you. Most of our customers are done with the rental in 3 business days. If you feel you’ll need more time than that please communicate that with us at the time of rental to ensure we book your rental for long enough.
Q: What Types of panels can be formed on-site?
A: We roll the following panels with our portable roll formers: MP150, MP675, MP210
Q: I have a large commercial job and the panels are long. Can I roll them off at the eave?
A: Yes! Our machines are set up to be able to be lifted to roof height for ease of installation. Please contact us for lift and insurance requirements.

Chop & Drop Service

As great as Roll Former Rentals are, sometimes jobsites just aren’t set up for a roll former trailer to be left on-site for the duration of a project. Indiana Metal’s Chop & Drop Service allows contractors to still get their panels roll formed on site without the rental of a roll former. Often times our Chop & Drop Service can be completed more quickly than our roll former rentals. In order to get scheduled for a chop and drop, the following will be needed:

    • Confirmed order, including an accurate cut list. For assistance with a cutlist, Roofing Passport by Sherwin-Williams is a great tool. Contractors can sign up here.
    • On-site area for panels to be stored once run off
    • On-site crew. We provide the roll forming operator but contractors must provide at least one, in many cases two, workers to handle the panels once ready.

Please note that our Chop & Drop Service is weather and machine permitting. While we do our best to accommodate all schedules, inclement weather or Roll Former Rentals that run over allotted time may interfere with previously scheduled Chop & Drops and the service will need to be rescheduled.