Material takeoff service

A metal roof material take-off is an essential step in the planning and estimation process for installing a metal roof. It involves a detailed assessment of the roof’s dimensions, slope, and other factors to determine the precise quantity of materials required for the project. By performing a thorough material take-off, including the number of metal panels, flashing, fasteners, underlayment, and other necessary components, contractors and homeowners can accurately calculate costs, streamline procurement, and ensure efficient installation. A precise metal roof material take-off saves time, reduces waste, and contributes to a successful and cost-effective roofing project. Trust our expertise to provide you with accurate and reliable metal roof material take-off services.


What service does Indiana Metal Use?

We utilize Roofing Passport. Check out the details on the program here!

Will it have pricing?

Yes! The reports will have Indiana Metal’s pricing

How long before I get a report?

New construction may be up to 48 hours, other reports should come back within 4 hours

Is it accurate?

We always recommend verifying a couple of lengths for cut to length panels

Can I see what a sample report will look like?

Yes!  Check out a roofing passport example!