Weather tight Warranties

You sell the roof, an Indiana Metal Certified Sub Crew Installs it & Indiana Metal stands behind the finished product.

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Is Indiana Metal Installing?

No, Indiana Metal doesn’t install but we have certified subcrews to make sure the install you’re receiving on your jobsite meets our standards.

How do I offer a Weathertight Warranty?

Simple – use an Indiana Metal Certified subcrew and a 5 year Weathertight Warranty is included for no additional charge.

Who is overseeing the workmanship of the install?

Indiana Metal will have an On-Site Field Manager who will oversee the Weathertight Installs, document the progress and, ultimately, issue the warranty.

Who do we pay for the install?

You would pay the Certified subcrew of your choosing. You pay Indiana Metal for the materials, same as always, and the subcrew will be a seperate vendor who will be happy to provide all COIs, W9s and other info necessary to receive payment and be set up in your company’s system.

Is Indiana Metal going to recommend this subcrew to homeowners?

We are not. Our Certified Subcrews are exactly that – subcrews. They won’t work for Homeowners nor do they want to. 

What if I want to offer a Weathertight Warranty but I don't want to use one of your subcrews?

If you have a subcrew you like, you should keep them! Contact us about offering a weathertight warranty with a crew who isn’t an Indiana Metal Certified crew and see what your options are.

What's the Subcrew pricing like?

Very competitive.  More than likely it’s less per square than you’re paying for your installs now and you eliminate all the headaches that come with so many traditional subcrews.

Take the guess work out of metal roof installation – choose an Indiana Metal Certified Subcrew.  Get your metal jobs done quickly, effeciently, without call backs and start seeing what kind of margin metal roof installs can make your company! All metal roof installs done by an Indiana Metal Certified Subcrew come with a 5 year Weathertight Warranty, giving your customer peace of mind and giving your company sales leverage to close the deal. Contact Indiana Metal at [email protected] to get in touch with a Certified subcrew today!

Warranty Requirements

What documents does Indiana Metal need to issue a Weathertight Warranty for your job? Find out here!

Warranty Application

Get started with the warranty application

Jobsite Progress Report

What will the Indiana Metal On-Site Field Manager be looking for during the install? Check out the Jobsite Progress Report

Sample Warranty

Check out the complete Weathertight Warranty here.

Building Owner Maintenance

On-going maintenance is a key for a healthy roof system. The building owner should be prepared to doing a little on-going maintenance and immediately report any issues or leaks to Indiana Metal.

Certified Subcrew Application

Interested in becoming an Indiana Metal Certified Installer? Apply here.